Schools Introductory XCM series

Schools Cycling SA (SCSA) has joined hands with the King Price Trailseeker Series to introduce the Schools Cycling SA Introductory Cross Country Marathon (XCM) Series that will form part of the King Price Trailseeker Series.

School learners will be able to proudly represent their respective Schools and earn valuable points for their School. At the end of the series, the Top Boys Team, Girls Team, Mixed Team and Overall School Team for Primary and High Schools respectively will be announced.

How will it work?

If your child wishes to participate in the Schools Cycling SA Introductory XCM Series, please select their ticket accordingly. Remember to enter under ‘Schools Series’.

Nippers (8-10) will ride the 11 km, Sprogs (11-12) and Sub Juniors (13-14) will compete in the 20 km race, while the Youths (15-16) and Juniors (17-18) will move up to the 40 km race.

Race Category

Kids can earn series points individually as well as for their school.

11 km

Nippers (u/10)

20 km

Sprogs (u/12)
Sub Junior (u/14)

40 km

Youth (u/16)
Junior (u/19)

A child’s age is deemed to be the age he/she would be at 31 December of that particular year.

Schools are not limited in the number of Teams or riders they enter. Please consult the Schools Cycling SA Rules in this regard.

Only participating schools will be eligible for series points. If your school would like to participate in the Schools Cycling SA Introductory XCM Series, you can register your school at School Cycling South Africa or just click here

For seeding purposes, the top 25 boys and top 10 girls will earn their starting spot in the A and Ladies A batches. Only those kids who ride in the A batches are eligible for podium positions. In this way, children are encouraged to ride and earn their way up to the A batches.

Recognition will be given to the first five kids in each category and not just three, so be sure to stay behind for prizegiving for 4th and 5th positions as well.

For now the Sub Sub Nippers (5 years) and Sub Nippers (6-7) categories will remain a social race. They can be entered into the 11 km distance and ride with a parent, but it will not form part of the Schools Cycling SA Introductory XCM Series. We feel that the distance is too far for a little one to attempt without a parent nearby to lend a hand in case of technical or other difficulties.

We look forward to investing in our kids’ cycling abilities and boosting the sport of cycling at school level. Parents are, of course, welcome to join in but will not be allowed to interfere with the racing in any way.