If your questions are not met don’t hesitate to pop us a message on our WhatsApp line. Well get back to you with an answer asap.
  • Only paid pre-entries accepted. No late entries or unpaid entries will be allowed at the start venue.
  • Limited entries are available.
  • Specific start times will be communicated to riders per email and/or sms. Please adhere strictly to those times.
  • Only riders will be allowed on the start and finish venue – NO spectators, family or friends.
  • No person will be allowed to access the Race Venue without the following compulsory items:
    Mask or Buff
  • Practise proper social distancing at all times (up to 2m). No physical contact between any persons, please. Always keep your bike between yourself and the next rider. Always wear your mask/buff to cover your nose and mouth at the same time at the venue and waterpoints. You may remove your mask/buff during racing or when eating.
  • Sanitisation stations will be available throughout the venue. Please look out for these and make use of them as much as possible.
  • Riders must arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to the start of their batch. Please do not arrive too early.
  • All riders entering the venue will pass by a sanitisation station and then through the Screening and Scanning area where your temperature will be taken and an electronic questionnaire completed.
  • Any person registering above 37.5 degrees or who does not qualify according to the basic questionnaire will not be allowed to access the venue or race.
  • After the temperature screening and Covid questionnaire is completed, the same Staff member will scan your SAS board to confirm your timing chip is working and registered to the correct person.
  • From the scanning area, riders may proceed directly to the batch holding pens and await their start.
  • Toilet facilities will be available. Please sanitise before entering and after exiting the toilets.
  • Coffee, soft drink and take away vendors will also be at the venue, but there will be limited sit-down facilities or tents. Again we encourage riders to sanitise before and after doing their purchases. Alcohol will or will not be on sale subject to the alcohol ban imposed by the government.
  • Social distancing rules apply to the water points as well. When stopping at a water point, please cover your mouth and nose with a buff or mask and only touch the items you will take with you.
  • Water points will be touchless and energy bars and sweets will be pre-packaged.
  • Fluids will be dispensed using a foot-activated valve.
  • At the Finish, riders collect their own goody bag and proceed directly out of the fenced area where they may collect a sealed hydration drink.
  • Unfortunately, we do not encourage riders to remain around the finish venue after the completion of their race.
  • Please vacate the finish venue at your earliest convenience to minimise the Covid risk as much as possible.
  • There will be no prize-giving at the finish venue after the race. All winners will be announced via social media and newsletters the following Monday.