King Price announced as the new title sponsor of the Trailseeker Series.

It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to our Trailseeker title sponsor, Nissan SA. Nissan has been the founding sponsor of the Trailseeker Series 12 years ago and has played a key role in building up the sport of mountain biking and later also trail running to what it is today. 

The Trailseeker Series is a mountain bike and trail running series that takes place over two days for each event and is aimed at both the competitive riders/runners as well as the weekend warriors. The Trailseeker Series prides itself on hosting fully family-friendly events and will revert to the family-oriented format as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

Thank you, Nissan SA for the role played in establishing the Trailseeker brand and for turning it into a household name among cyclists and trail runners! It is hard to imagine the Trailseeker Series without this world-leading vehicle brand.

The good news is that King Price Insurance is taking over the reins as title sponsor of the Trailseeker Series as of January 2021. The King Price Trailseeker Series is entering a brand new era with exciting possibilities, making it impossible not to be thrilled and invigorated at the prospect of new ideas and innovative thinking.

Faces Advendurance would like to extend a warm welcome to King Price Insurance as part of the Trailseeker family and looks forward to exciting times ahead as we work together to lift the standard of the sport of mountain biking and trail running even further, to build a sense of community and to have fun out on the trails.

Welcome on board, King Price Insurance! 

The King Price Trailseeker Series 2021 kicks off with King Price Trailseeker #1 Banhoek WC on 20&21 February 2021. 

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