King Price Trailseeker #6 Wellington – Bosman Family Vineyards, Wellington, 9 September 2023

Thrills, Spills and Vineyard Hills…

King Price Trailseeker #6 Wellington descended upon the picturesque Bosman Family Vineyards in Wellington on September 9, 2023, offering an exhilarating cycling experience amidst the heart of the Cape Winelands. Despite the overcast and drizzly start, the sun eventually broke through, revealing the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Cyclists of all levels were in for a treat with trail options ranging from 10 km to a demanding 62 km. The challenging, hilly routes promised an adventure worth every pedal stroke while riders soaked in breathtaking views.

Nick Muzik Photography
Nick Muzik Photography

The Trails

King Price Trailseeker lived up to its reputation of offering trails catering to riders of all fitness levels. Participants could choose their preferred challenge, with options including the epic 70 km route, the demanding 40 km, the moderate 20 km, and the introductory 10 km route. Each trail offered a unique blend of vineyard farm roads, roller coaster singletrack, punchy hills and technical challenges tailormade to the riders’ abilities.

Nick Muzik Photography
Nick Muzik Photography

Elite Race

The Elite riders had us on the edge of our seats with thrilling racing and effortless skill. Alex Miller (Pyga Eurosteele) and Danielle Strydom (Imbuko {Type} DEV), respectively, coasted to overall victory in the marathon distance.

Nick Muzik Photography
Nick Muzik Photography


Marathon Results

Elite Men

🥇 Alex Miller | 02:45:32

🥈 Johan Van Zyl | 02:48:05

🥉 Jordan Boshoff | 02:56:11

Elite Ladies

🥇 Danielle Strydom | 03:42:09

🥈 Elrika Harmzen | 03:46:20

🥉 Tandi Kitching | 03:59:08

Half-Marathon Results


🥇 Travis Rademan-Ludeke | 01:36:59

🥈 Van Zyl Steyn | 01:39:12

🥉 Juan Van Zyl | 01:39:48


🥇 Angeliq Coetzer | 02:11:10

🥈 Tayla Kitching | 02:12:12

🥉 Tanya Rabie | 02:14:46

Half-Marathon Short Results


🥇 Liam Rautenbach | 00:51:34

🥈 Thomas White | 00:51:35

🥉 Sven Ethsebeth | 00:54:42


🥇 Natalie Goosen | 01:01:59

🥈 Janke van Zyl | 01:02:52

🥉 Kendra Kitching | 01:05:32

Congratulations on riding a fantastic race! View your results here:

The Finish Line

The sense of achievement was palpable as cyclists crossed the finish line at Bosman Family Vineyards. A challenging trail is immensely more fulfilling, and riders celebrated their personal victories over a glass of wine and a shared cheese platter in glorious sunshine. A lazy end to a fantastic day on the trails!

Riders departed with a sense of accomplishment and memories to cherish, leaving behind a trail of tire tracks and a legacy of mountain biking in the heart of the Cape Winelands. 

A successful #6 Wellington marks the end of the 2023 King Price Trailseeker season. Thank you, Bosman Family Vineyards, King Price, and, most importantly, our riders!

Keep living the #TrailLife until we see you next year for a brand-new season of trailseeking!

Nick Muzik Photography

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