King Price Trailseeker #6 Wellington

The Python face-off

Race day dawned bright and sunny, albeit with a wintry chill in the air. But, if it’s not wet, we’ll take it!

And, big surprise! Guess who was back from Europe and lining up at the Trailseeker start line? Both our top South African XCO riders, Alan Hatherly and Candice Lill. We were honoured to have them at King Price Trailseeker #6 and watch them perform first-hand.

Riders were in for a treat on the trails today! 

Starting at the lovely Bosman Family Vineyards, the 40 and 70-km riders would quickly link up to the Welvanpas Trail Network. The mountainous trails would take them high up onto the Groenberg slopes before dropping them back down along fast and flowy single track leading all the way down to the Kromme river banks. The legendary Python trail, a particularly steep and winding single-track climb, was included in both distances today. Ouch!

The 10 and 20-km riders did not venture up the mountain but enjoyed a pleasant jaunt around the vineyard block on scenic farm roads.

The strong field on the day made for exciting racing, and it was gratifying to see how much fun everyone had flying down those single-track sections.


Elite Men: 70 km

  1. Alan Hatherly | 02:36:08
  2. Gert Heyns | 02:37:11
  3. Matt Beers | 02:37:14

Elite Ladies: 70 km

  1. Candice Lill | 03:17:39
  2. Elrika Harmzen-Pretorius | 03:30:30
  3. Lehane Oosthuizen | 03:37:44

40 km Men:

  1. Lood Goosen | 01:44:39
  2. Jean-Pierre Du Plessis | 01:44:44
  3. Juan Van Zyl | 01:44:51

40 km Ladies:

  1. Irma Theron | 01:45:56
  2. Angeliq Coetzer | 02:07:04
  3. Sune Henning | 02:17:21

20 km Boys:

  1. Tristan Mc Given | 00:46:52
  2. Dean Woolley | 00:46:53
  3. Benjamin Fourie | 00:46:54

20 km Girls:

  1. Nadia Van Wyk | 00:53:01
  2. Kelly Mall | 00:56:15
  3. Janke Van Zyl | 00:57:05

Incredible results by all our racing snakes! You have conquered The Python 😉 Trailseeker riders – 1, Python – 0!

King Price Trailseeker #6 Wellington was a climactic and joyous conclusion to the 2022 King Price Trailseeker Series. A tumultuous season included #2 Sondela being postponed due to heavy rain, and cold and wet weather at both #3 Buffelsdrift and #4 Legends MX. The incredible trails, scenery and gracious start venue at Bosman Family Vineyards made for an unforgettable day!

Trail Meraki

To those of you who have done four or more King Price Trailseekers this year, congratulations on joining the ranks of the die-hard trail riding enthusiasts! We appreciate the support you have shown our Series throughout the year through (exceptionally) bad weather and good.

Welcome to Trail Meraki!

Nathan Naude

Christiaan Pretorius

Zanri Grobbelaar

Benyamin Carpenter

Tiyi Ngalalume

Nathan Atkins

Kade Barnes

Eckhard Dednam

Zandre Stemmet

Anrich Barkhuizen

Stefan Van Jaarsveld

Luan Swart

Kylie Lerm


Elizabeth Human

Owen Smith

Dylan Kohlmeyer

Ruben Krugel

Liam Labuschagne

Peter Ferreira

Dominick Koster

Lea Kruger


Luan Labuschagne

Sean Walters

Matthew Smith

Philip Breedt

Ben Laubscher

Hendrik Du Preez

Peter Le Mottee

Ross Thompson

Bastiaan Hendrikus Koster

Leonie Koster

Attie Smit

Johannes Strydom

Gavin Horn

Johan Slabber

Teresa Schoeman

Mike Capon

Henry Page

Dave Fryer

Wynand Steyn

Jannie Van Der Westhuizen

Donald Wanvig

Liam Ludeke

Jaco Du Bruyn

Fanie Butler

Bertus Anderson

Jacobus Erasmus

Eben Grobbelaar

Candice-Anne Stafford

Ruan Van Antwerpen

Erasmus Johannes Smit

Werner Koster

Francois Duggan

Markus Verster

Jacobus Erasmus

Nichola Van Der Merwe

Kemoikantse Seleka

Matthew Nel

Leonie Koster

Leonardus Jordaan

Alex Kruchen

LJ Van Der Westhuizen

Sebastian Kruchen

Wessel Botha

Anton Van Der Riet

Stefan Valkenburg

Pieter Du Toit

Gd Smit

Martin Gutschmidt

Andre Rudolph

Christian Rademeyer

Sonja Walters

Sue Le Roux

Riaan Rall

Charmaine Valkenburg

Peet Balfour

Colin Smith

Hendre Herbst

Daleen Koster

Kobus Kritzinger

Yolanda Kruger

Craig Bowles

Jade Gouws

Wian De Jager

Leonardus Jordaan

Thabang Mabokela

Paul Venter

Danie Smit

Christian Riekert

Andre Johannes

Lihan Serfontein

Christo Valkenburg

Wian Van Zyl

Vernon Ingram

Divan Joubert

Daniël Maritz

Simoné Maritz

Anton Nel

Christo Corneelsen

Well done, all! You are our kind of people 😉

This concludes The King Price Trailseeker Series for 2022. 2023 is going to be amazing!

We cannot wait to share the #TrailLife with you in 2023!

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