The King Price Trailseeker #4 Legends MX Mud-fest Extravaganza

The fourth event in the King Price Trailseeker MTB Series occurred at Legends MX, Rhino Park, on Saturday, 25 June.

We were dumbstruck when the weather forecast, once again, predicted rain and cold weather over a Trailseeker weekend. And this after three weeks of perfect weather! 

After uttering a few choice words, we accepted our cold, wet and muddy fate and set to work. Because of heavy and persistent rainfall the night before, and intermittent rain on the day, we were compelled to shorten the 70 km route to join the 40 km. We cut out unrideable sections containing heavy, wheel-clogging, clay-based mud. All other distances remained the same. 

We were happy to see the parking lot fill up with gutsy riders who pitched up despite the miserable weather conditions to enjoy a morning on their mountain bikes!

Mugs of hot coffee, bonfires and vibey music ensured a festive atmosphere at the race venue.

The Elite Men who raced to victory were: 

  1. Philip Buys 01:32:45 
  2. Gert Heyns 01:33:10 and
  3. Wessel Botha 01:33:47

The Elite Ladies champions were:

  1. Candice Lill 01:47:15
  2. Samantha Sanders 02:03:18 and 
  3. Elrika Harmzen-Pretorius 02:03:40

We were honoured to have the current SA Marathon Champion, Philip Buys, and world-class XCO rider, Candice Lill, join the race, both winning the Men’s and Women’s Elite races. 

Shools Cycling South Africa (SCSA) Introductory Cross Country Marathon (XCM) Series

Gauteng learners made us proud when they participated in their various distances despite the difficult conditions! By showing up and facing the elements they earned valuable points for their schools in this prestigious schools league. This is how you build character!

Gauteng Cross Country Marathon (XCM) Series

Trailseeker #4 was another event in the Gauteng XCM Series where Gauteng riders across all age categories can earn their Gauteng colours subject to various selection criteria. Our Gauteng riders are notching up points to see who tops the log at the end of the Series. With Trailseeker #5 Van Gaalen serving as the Provincial Championships, we are, needless to say, very excited for the next event!

King Price Trailseeker #5 Van Gaalen takes place on 30 July 2022. Will we finally break the hat trick of muddy Trailseekers? Fingers crossed…    

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