Trail Run Announcement

The King Price Trailseeker Series started in 2009 and the focus has always been on mountain biking. We decided to incorporate trail running from 2017 with some measure of success. The mtb numbers were large, however, and we were unable to host the Trail Run on the same day due to trail capacity. The Trail runs were therefore set for Sunday mornings, the day after the mtb. 

In 2021 we decided to move the trail run to Saturday evenings but the uptake was not very good. It was not a popular time. We then had to decide whether we would have the resources and enough trail for everyone to host the trail run at the same time as the mtb race: on Saturday morning. 

This year, however, the School MTB Series will be incorporated into the King Price Trailseeker Series events causing numbers to increase again and causing us to shift our focus back to mountain biking.

The decision has been made to leave the trail running by the wayside at least for 2022.

We had some really great runs and enjoyed sharing trails with the trail running community. 

We hope to do so again in future.

The King Price Trailseeker Team 

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