Ford South Africa Drives Forward as Title Sponsor of the Trailseeker Series, Transforming the Landscape of Mountain Biking in South Africa

Pretoria, 18 January 2024

The Trailseeker Series is thrilled to announce its pivotal partnership with Ford South Africa as the title sponsor of the esteemed mountain bike series, solidifying its commitment to empowering the cycling community and furthering its support for outdoor enthusiasts across the country. 

The Trailseeker Series, now proudly known as the Ford Trailseeker Series, stands as the largest and most prestigious mountain biking series on the African continent. This momentous collaboration signals Ford South Africa’s dedication to fostering a culture of adventure, wellness, and camaraderie among mountain bikers of all levels.

“At Ford, we believe in not only providing exceptional vehicles but also in fostering a community that embraces the spirit of adventure and exploration,” said Doreen Mashinini, General Manager, Marketing of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa. “We are elated to be the title sponsor of the Trailseeker Series, an iconic platform that celebrates the thrill of mountain biking and resonates with our brand values of freedom, innovation, and durability.”

Ford South Africa’s partnership with the Trailseeker Series comes on the heels of significant accolades, with the Ford Ranger clinching the prestigious 2023 South African Car of the Year award and the Ford Everest securing the top spot in the SUV category. These triumphs underscore Ford’s commitment to delivering vehicles renowned for reliability, performance, and versatility.

The Ford Ranger and Ford Everest, both recognised for their exceptional capabilities, are the epitome of vehicles tailored to support the active lifestyles of mountain bikers. Equipped with robust features and cutting-edge technology, these vehicles effortlessly complement the needs of individuals with a penchant for adventure, making them the perfect companions for mountain bikers seeking both performance and comfort.

The Ford Trailseeker Series is not just a mountain bike race, it’s a fun event for families, young riders, and elite professional athletes, of all skill-levels looking to embrace the thrill of mountain biking. 

I am delighted to welcome Ford South Africa as the new title sponsor to the Ford Trailseeker Series” said Fritz Pienaar, MD of Faces. “I cannot think of a better fit for the series. We have been using Ford’s award winning vehicles to facilitate the events for some time now, and our whole team fell in love with the vehicles. The range of Ford vehicles are perfect for our participants’ active lifestyles and I am convinced that the participants will be equally impressed after they’ve interacted with the vehicles at their favourite Trailseeker events.”

The collaboration between Ford and the Trailseeker Series marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the realm of outdoor adventure, the sport of cycling and community engagement. As the series unfolds, Ford remains committed to supporting and inspiring enthusiasts to push their boundaries and explore the great outdoors.

Upcoming Ford Trailseeker Events:

#1 Banhoek WC | Sat, 27 Jan 2024

#2 Cradle GP | Sat, 9 Mar 2024

#3 Die Bosveld GP | Sat, 8 Jun 2024

#4 Sondela LM | Sat, 6 Jul 2024

#5 Van Gaalen NW | Sat, 27 Jul 2024

#6 Wellington WC | Sat, 7 Sept 2024

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Media Contact: Fritz Pienaar | fritz@faces.africa | 012 012 5205

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