What a start to the Ford Trailseeker Series: #1 Banhoek

Ford Trailsekker #1 Banhoek Highlights video

Saturday the 27th of January marked the start of the Ford Trailseeker Series. Our first event kicked off at Banhoek,  drawing over 1000 participants to the starting line, ready to conquer the trails. The racing atmosphere was charged with unparalleled energy, amplified by the presence of world-class international riders. The elite men’s and women’s categories showcased remarkable performances, but not without unexpected challenges, making this race an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Despite the scorching temperatures, riders of all levels experienced the beauty of the Cape Winelands with its stunning scenery and mountainous landscapes. The trails, demanding yet rewarding, allowed participants to crank up the pace, turning the event into an exhilarating journey. 

Marathon Men’s Results:

1st: Juri Zanotti | 02:40:14

2nd: Martins Blums | 02:40:24

3rd: Marco Joubert | 02:40:25

4th: Jordan Sarrou | 02:43:39

5th: Johan Van Zyl | 02:44:07

Marathon Women’s Results:

1st: Alessandra Keller | 03:05:48

2nd: Candice Lill | 03:07:01

3rd: Iana Belomoina | 03:09:45

4th: Annie Last | 03:15:30

5th: Danielle Strydom | 03:20:37

Half-Marathon Men’s Results:

1st: Van Zyl Steyn | 01:44:16

2nd: Ruan Portwig | 01:44:57

3rd: Beon Van Staden | 01:45:57

4th: Benjamin Fourie | 01:46:03

5th: Dean Woolley | 01:48:40

Half-Marathon Women’s Results:

1st: Gabriela Raith | 02:21:12

2nd: Dawn Herbert | 02:24:04

3rd: Lisa Czepek | 02:24:20

4th: Angeliq Coetzer | 02:33:08

5th: Kayleigh Scholtz | 02:33:52

Thank you to every participant and spectator for being part of the incredible experience at Plaisir Wine Estate this past Saturday. Your enthusiasm and energy added to the vibrant spirit of the Ford Trailseeker Series.

Next up in the Ford Trailseeker Series is #2 Cradle, in Gauteng.

We hope to see you there! 

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