Rider's Brief | #1 Banhoek, 27 Jan 2024

Welcome to the Ford Trailseeker Series.

Where MTB riding is an addiction and seeking new trails is a passion. Here you will find all you need to know about your upcoming race!

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*Please note that late entries are accepted on race day. However, a late entrant will be too late to receive priority seeding and cannot contend for a podium position. If you are a serious rider wishing to place well, please get your entry in by the Wednesday before the race.

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If your questions are not met don’t hesitate to pop us a message on our WhatsApp line. Well get back to you with an answer asap.


With #1 Banhoek being the Series opener, we cannot wait to witness the ensuing battles for the Series win! 🍿💥

Your three best results count towards your overall series standings.

Pursuit data will be used to seed riders.
• To be an Overall Podium Contender you have to start in the A batch of your respective distance.
• If you compete as an age category rider you can start in any batch. It means that you can win your age category even if you start in batch C for instance.
• There is no specific School XCM Series batch. School XCM Series riders will be seeded on merit alongside the regular Trailseeker riders.
• To better accommodate the School XCM Series riders, the top 25 male and top 10 female School Series riders in both the Fun Race and Half Marathon will be seeded in the respective A-Batches (A-Men and A-Ladies).


Specialized will man the tech zone at the start of the race to offer mechanical assistance.

Venue Layout

finish vibe & Activations

Vida e caffe will be there first thing in the morning for a fresh cup of coffee to get you going.

You can look forward to toast your ride with an icy Devil’s Peak beer when you cross the finish line! 

Delicious food and drink vendors will be on-site – so come hungry.

Newton will entertain you with some lekker music.

medals & apparel

The top 3 riders in each racing category will receive gold, silver and bronze medals and all other riders will receive a beautifully designed finishers medal.

Have a look at our trendy new Trailseeker merch range.

Order yours now OR visit our merch stall on venue. Online purchases can be collected at the merch stall on race day.

Nutrition & waterpoints

What can you expect at our waterpoints? A great vibe, yummy food, water, coke and much more.

As you gear up for a significant race, it’s well known that training plays a crucial role. Yet, amidst the physical preparation, the significance of nutrition can sometimes slip our minds until it’s too late. It’s vital to test your nutrition plan well in advance. By fine-tuning your personalized nutrition strategy before the race, you can minimize the chances of encountering digestive problems or running out of energy during the actual event.

A substantial body of research suggests that the gastrointestinal tract (stomach and small intestine) is highly adaptable, therefore by only training with water you also miss out on the opportunity to “train your gut”. The benefits of training the gut includes:

Improved gastric emptying: the rate by which food/supplements are digested increases. Improved intestinal absorption: nutrients are absorbed quicker and this increases the energy available to the working muscle. Improved stomach comfort: reduction of gastrointestinal problems like bloating, nausea, feelings of fullness.

Therefore, training your race day nutrition not only ensures a smoother race day but also contributes to an overall improvement in your race day performance. #UnleashPerformance

Schools xcm series

School Cycling SA (SCSA) has joined hands with the Ford Trailseeker Series to introduce the School Cycling SA Introductory Cross Country Marathon (XCM) Series that  forms part of the King Price Trailseeker Series.

School learners will be able to proudly represent their respective schools and earn valuable points for their school. At the end of the series, the top:

  • Boys Team
  • Girls Team
  • Mixed Team and
  • Overall School Team

for primary and high schools respectively will be announced.

We feel that this is an amazing platform to invest in our kids’ cycling abilities and boost the sport of cycling at school level. This is where our kids learn to race their bikes and handle themselves in sometimes unpredictable situations. We are proud of investing in  the future of SA cycling. 

Parents are, of course, welcome to join in but will not be allowed to interfere with the racing in any way.

Have a great ride out there!

And remember, if you’re breathing, you know you’re alive.

If you’re breathing hard, you know you are living!

The Ford Trailseeker Team