King Price Trailseeker #2 Sondela

We travel to Sondela Private Game Reserve on 9 April 2022 outside of Bela-Bela for the second event in the Series and a definite favourite on the King Price Trailseeker calendar. 

Sondela means ‘to come closer’ or ‘to draw near’. As though they are calling us. Well, we’re coming – with our bicycles on roof racks and our tents ready for pitching under the sprawling umbrella thorn trees. 

And, of course, if you’re not a happy camper, you may choose to stay in one of Sondela’s 4-star self-catering chalets. Or, if you wish to pamper yourself, a weekend at Sondela’s 4-star boutique hotel, Iketla Country House & Spa, is not a bad idea at all after a tough day’s riding. 

If you’ve ridden at Sondela before, you’ll know all about horizontal climbing, as Mel loves to call it. So, even though the race profile would look perfectly flat, the sandy patches will ensure you break a nice little sweat. Every trail distance is tailor-made for different skills and fitness levels to ensure maximum delight for every family member.  

The various trails around Sondela is an absolute treat to ride – fast, flowy, and an incredible amount of fun on a bicycle. Coupled with beautiful savannah landscapes dotted with indigenous trees and wildlife, you are in for a day worthy of a blog post.

Spend the remainder of the hot low veld days cooling off in the pool and allow yourself to enjoy sumptuous meals and drinks from Piccinini’s Bistro and Pub – all well-earned, we’d say.   

But the highlight of any Sondela weekend is the game drive at the end of the day. Don’t be surprised when Yali, the giraffe, comes to greet you enthusiastically! She would stick her long neck right into the vehicle to see what treats she could nick out of your snack basket. And she’s very game for photoshoots as long as the rewards are worth it. How’s that for a tall tale!

And when the sun has sunk, sit for a while staring into the flames of your hardekool fire. Share a bottle of red with your favourite people and regale them with stories of your epic day riding your bike in the wild at King Price Trailseeker #2 Sondela.

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