Scenic winter trails at Ford Trailseeker #4 Sondela – 6 July 2024

The Ford Trailseeker Series continued with its fourth event of the year at the scenic Sondela Private Game Reserve on 6 July 2024. Riders were treated to a beautiful winter bushveld breakaway and an unforgettable adventure on their mountain bikes.

The day started crisp and chilly, as participants gathered at the start line, eager to tackle the renowned Sondela trails. Despite the initial chill, the weather warmed up nicely, providing ideal conditions for a day of racing. The clear skies and mild temperatures made for a comfortable and super enjoyable ride.

The well-maintained Sondela trails are known for being fast and flowy, providing the perfect blend of excitement and challenge for mountain biking enthusiasts. Riders enjoyed breathtaking bushveld views, with occasional wildlife sightings adding to the unique experience.

The competitive spirit was high, with riders pushing their limits and striving for personal bests. The characteristic camaraderie among Trailseeker participants was evident, with many cheering each other on and sharing in the thrills and spills of the race.

Congratulations to all who braved the wintry morning and completed their race!

Trailseeker Race Results:

70 KM

Senior Men:

1 Pieter DU TOIT 02:24:29.75
2 Herman FOURIE 02:24:30.00
3 Jaedon TERLOUW 02:24:34.23

Senior Women:

1 Bianca HAW 02:46:47.57
2 Lianke FOURIE 03:19:05.73
3 Tsholofelo NKOSI 03:31:25.45

Sub Vet Men:

1 Philip BUYS 02:25:10.41
2 Jaco VAN DYK 02:30:58.02
3 Barend BURGER 02:38:58.23

Sub Vet Women:

1 Tania BESTER 02:54:10.97
2 Steph WOHLTERS 02:54:10.99
3 Bianca NEL 02:58:30.27

Vet Men:

1 Jan WITHAAR 02:27:47.17
2 Alwyn DIPPENAAR 02:40:08.27
3 Massimo GUGLIELMI0 2:43:56.81

Vet Women:

1 Samantha SANDERS 02:46:46.97
2 Mari DU TOIT 03:00:38.00
3 Sarah AYLMER 03:17:24.40

Master Men:

1 Patrice GAUTIER 02:43:57.73
2 George SMIT 02:43:58.14
3 Jason DUFFIN 02:43:58.75

40 km:

Youth Men:

1 Henro VAN DER WALT 01:17:28.00
2 Ivan HURTER 01:19:49.00
3 Markus LOCH 01:21:06.32

Youth Women:

1 Chantelle GOUWS 01:30:49.85
2 Dané STRIJDOM 01:31:01.01
3 Shanique MARX 01:31:16.00

Junior Men:

1 Omar WILSON 01:17:24.65
2 Andre VAN ROOYEN 01:17:25.00
3 Travis RADEMAN-LUDEKE 01:17:25.81

Junior Women:

1 Bianca BOTHA 01:30:52.61
2 Megan BOSHOFF 01:31:08.34
3 Elizma LE ROUX 01:31:36.63

Master Women:

1 Yvonne PRINSLOO 01:31:44.87
2 Yda HURTER 01:36:29.25
3 Margaret WILLIAMS 01:38:15.79

Grand Master Men:

1 Nick BESTER 01:25:01.33
2 Gavin HORN 01:28:21.84
3 Glenn PRETORIUS 01:28:28.69

Grand Master Women:

1 Cheryll SMITH 01:42:22.14
2 Linda STANDER 01:50:11.14
3 Retha ROSSOUW 01:50:15.88

Schools Series Results:

The fiercely competitive spirit between the various schools is phenomenal. We praise our school riders for showing up and earning points for their school.

Eye on the prize, guys! Ford’s generous cash prize at the end of the series for best Overall, Boys and Girls teams is beckoning.

🥇 Overall High School: R5000
🥇 Overall Boys High School: R2500
🥇 Overall Girls High School: R2500
🥇 Overall Primary School: R5000

The Ford Trailseeker #4 Sondela Mountain Bike Race was a resounding success, offering a perfect combination of adventure, competition, natural beauty and family fun!

Thank you all for making this event a memorable one.

See you at #5 Van Gaalen for another round of terrific trails and a final opportunity for Gauteng riders to score points on the overall leaderboard!

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