Race Report: Ford Trailseeker #3 Die Bosveld

The Ford Trailseeker #3 Die Bosveld brought yet another thrilling venue to the series, and this new venue exceeded all expectations. With 2300 enthusiastic participants, Die Bosveld turned out to be a gem in the series. Despite the chilly morning, the riders’ spirits were high and ready to tackle the trails.

The day kicked off with the elite men and women races, setting an exhilarating tone for the event. The competition was fierce, featuring a flat and fast course for the initial 45km, before featuring the infamous A and B-line options. Due to the head-on wind, most elite riders opted for the more challenging but shorter A-line, adding an extra layer of strategy to the race.

In the women’s race, it was a thrilling battle to the finish. The crowd watched in anticipation as Sam Sanders and Bianca Haw sprinted towards the finish line. Sam and Bianca gave it their all in a nail-biting finish, but Bianca took first place with Sam finishing a close second. Bianca Nel rounded out the podium in third place, making for an impressive top-three.

The men’s race was equally exciting, marked by several breakaways and intense competition. Jaedon Terlouw clinched the win, with Johan-Fourie de Villiers in second. Pieter du Toit made a remarkable comeback, securing third place in his first race since breaking his collarbone at the Absa Cape Epic just five weeks ago.

The riders enjoyed an exceptional day on the trails. The great weather conditions and the non-technical single-track and jeep tracks provided an ideal setting for riders of all levels and skills.

Participants and spectators enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere, with plenty of camaraderie and support evident throughout the day. From seasoned pros to enthusiastic amateurs, everyone revelled in the shared passion for mountain biking.

Post-race, Die Bosveld buzzed with activity. Food stalls, live music, and activations added to the festive vibe, ensuring there was something for everyone. Families, friends, and fellow riders shared stories of their day’s adventures, making new memories and solidifying the sense of community that the Trailseeker series is known for.

The Ford Trailseeker #3 at Die Bosveld was a success. From the racing to the trails, it was a day filled with memorable moments.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday! We look forward to seeing you at our next event in the series, #4 Sondela on the 6th of July.


Marathon Elite Men:

1st: Jaedon Terlouw | 02:19:52

2nd: Johan-Fourie De Villiers | 02:21:41

3rd: Pieter du Toit | 02:21:44

Marathon Elite Women:

1st: Bianca Haw | 02:41:56

2nd: Samantha Sanders | 02:41:56

3rd: Bianca Nel | 02:47:48

Half Marathon Men:

1st: Stephan Aldum | 01:11:59

2nd: Omar Wilson | 01:11:59

3rd: Andre van Rooyen | 01:12:29

Half Marathon Women:

1st: Bianca Botha | 01:26:00

2nd: Megan Boshoff | 01:28:57

3rd: Adele du Plessis | 01:29:02

Half Marathon Short Men:

1st: Dylan Kohlmeyer | 00:42:07

2nd: Thomas Booth | 00:42:14

3rd: Jonty Strydom | 00:42:26

Half Marathon Short Women:

1st: Jeané Smith | 00:46:21

2nd: Lana Coetzee | 00:46:55

3rd: Roxy de Lange | 00:47:16

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