Who is the Marota Fit Family?

Lerato, Terrance and their two kids live in Carletonville, Gauteng. Their fit and healthy family lifestyle started in 2017. Lerato believes in fitness and health because she believes that our bodies can heal themselves. So, she decided to make her weight-loss journey a fun part of their family’s overall health.

“The option to eat healthy or unhealthy is there for us to choose. Choose right to eliminate diseases by avoiding toxins.”

— Lerato Marota

Their healthy eating lifestyle kicked off when the Marota Family planted their own veggie garden and started consuming fresh vegetables daily. They also established a routine of home workouts and participated in various running races. Their love for mountain biking was born in 2017 when they attended a Trailseeker trail run at Van Gaalen and realised that the Trailseeker brand also hosts mountain bike races! The Marota family immediately bought bikes and started cycling. Their first mountain bike race was King PriceTrailseeker Sondela which is also Terrance’s favourite event in the King Price Trailseeker Series.

What makes mountain biking worth it for Terrance is the adventures on the bike, meeting new people, and exploring new trails.

“We enjoy it as a whole family and that is one of the most astonishing moments that stood out for me!”

— Terrance Marota

What advice do you have for other families to establish a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

Lerato’s advice to other families is to be consistent and do it with love. “If you go with your children, go with patience, and don’t rush them. Practice more, so your children become who they want to be.”

Terrance says to “take it one step at a time, beat by beat. And by doing it all with consistency, you will get where you want to be.”

What is the Marota Fit Family motto?

“A family that prays together and plays together, stays together.”

Thank you for picking King Price Trailseeker Series as your go-to family-friendly mountain biking event! You are an inspiration to us all.

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