Die Bosveld: New Venue for the Ford Trailseeker MTB Series

Tucked away in Pretoria lies Die Bosveld, a fresh addition to the Ford Trailseeker MTB Series that promises an exciting blend of outdoor adventure and natural beauty. The land is owned by Atterbury and First Rand, and meticulously maintained by Faces and a non-profit organisation, Terugploeg, in a joint venture that benefits all role players. Situated along Dr Swanepoel Drive in Montana, Pretoria, the trail park boasts a rich history, once inhabited by an ancient Ndebele tribe.

Die Bosveld’s charm lies in its diverse wildlife, ranging from graceful kudus and sturdy warthogs to elusive leopards that roam the koppies. With a trail network of 60 km, the park offers opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, and leisurely walks amidst stunning landscapes.

In preparation for Ford Trailseeker, Die Bosveld is expanding its existing trail network on the eastern side of the highway, ensuring that the marathon distance is covered. However, mindful of its environmental sensitivity, the park adheres to low-impact trail-building practices, relying on handcrafted routes along existing game paths.

Beyond race days, Die Bosveld welcomes visitors throughout the week inviting them to slip away from everyday life to hike, run or ride along the park’s incredible trails. The park also boasts four fishing spots along a pristine dam. Whether it’s a weekday outing or a weekend adventure, the park offers an escape into untamed beauty and endless exploration.

As we embrace Die Bosveld as a new venue for the Ford Trailseeker MTB Series, let’s cherish the thrill of the ride and the pristine bosveld scenery surrounding us.

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