Thrills, Trails, and Triumphs at the Ford Trailseeker #2 Cradle

The Ford Trailseeker #2 Cradle Race delivered a thrilling spectacle of mountain biking against the backdrop of the stunning Cradle Moon. With its new venue and unprecedented sell-out status since COVID-19, the event promised an extraordinary day of competition and camaraderie.

Riders were greeted with an added layer of excitement as they encountered the wildlife along the route. From zebra crossings to patiently waiting for rhinos to pass, participants experienced the thrill of sharing the trails with some of South Africa’s iconic animals. These encounters not only added to the excitement of the race but also emphasised the unique beauty of the Cradle.

Cradle Moon was to be a standout venue, earning high praise from riders for its picturesque surroundings and challenging trails. Positioned centrally and boasting breathtaking views, it was a favourite among participants.

The trails presented riders with challenges, characterised by their toughness and single-track. Coupled with the sun’s relentless heat, riders were pushed to their limits, requiring both skill and endurance to navigate the course successfully. Despite the difficulty of the trails and heat, riders persevered.

Marathon Men’s Results:

1st: Pieter Du Toit | 02:23:01

2nd: Philip Buys | 02:23:02

3rd: Michael Foster | 02:24:42

4th: Jaedon Terlouw | 02:26:02

5th: Jan Withaar | 02:26:03

Marathon Women’s Results:

1st: Sarah Hill | 02:58:04

2nd: Nicolette Griffioen | 03:05:28

3rd: Tania Bester | 03:12:47

4th: Karlise Scheepers | 03:21:27

5th: Anna Marx | 03:31:58

Half-Marathon Men’s Results:

1st: Andre Van Rooyen | 01:29:12

2nd: Joshua Kanis | 01:29:13

3rd: Van Zyl Steyn | 01:30:28

4th: Eduard Du Toit | 01:30:29

5th: Eben Binneman | 01:32:38

Half-Marathon Women’s Results:

1st: Bianca Botha | 01:56:05

2nd: Karla Grobler | 01:56:17

3rd: Nika Nortje | 01:57:03

4th: Adele Du Plessis | 02:00:49

5th: Helen Olwage | 02:00:57

A massive thank you goes out to every participant and spectator who joined us for the unforgettable experience at Ford Trailseeker #2 Cradle. Your presence, enthusiasm, and unwavering energy contributed to the vibrant spirit that encapsulated the event. We are grateful for your participation and support, which made the day memorable. Your dedication to the sport of mountain biking and your willingness to embrace the challenges of #2 Cradle made the event a success. Thank you for being an integral part of the Ford Trailseeker Series and making #2 Cradle an event to remember.

Next up is #3 Die Bosveld on the 8th of June.

We’ll see you there!

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